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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. she attacked a student at this elementary school, we will tell you why she said she did it. and a new fire threat, the dangerous weather phenomenon replacing all of those wet temperatures this week. the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning, we are live at the school in santa rosa where a mother cop fronted a
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boy who was hurting her daughter. we will have more on what the mother is accused of doing and the steps the schools are taking today. it is monday, may 19th, i am pam cook. >> let talk about weather and traffic. we got a message from a woman named miss hill. she wants to know how she should dress, pants or shorts? >> it is going to be cooler may be long pants although the guys will say what are you talking about, where shorts in december. it's not going to be warm. clouds are cooler showers possible north bay, and clouds and not much will happen today, price i condition -- breezy conditions and by tonight look what happens in the sierra, it
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is booming and also wrapping back around the north bay, and still, it is going to be cooler in oakland, it is last week not this week 60s and 70s and we'll see cloud cover streaming over us. it is a little low and so far it is staying to the north. 50s on your temperatures and they will not be traveling and it will be a breezy blustery day and look for partly sunny and this is the low that will plan the weather and as it does, that will keep temperatures cool and up in the sierra and possibly pretty hey have i rain up there d.a. heavy rain up there. and they have turned those metering lights on and we have a backup stretching all the way back to the mcarthur maze.
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this is a 20 minutes drive -- 20 manipulate drive into san francisco and on interstate 880 north and southbound, traffic continues to look good and it is light driving from the coliseum up to downtown oakland so far. 680, that commute looks good and a nice looking drive to richmond. it is 6:03 let's go back to the desk. grabbing a 12-year-old boy by the throat, she believes that is what she did and she is facing child abuse charges because of that and here is the response, alex? >> reporter: well, good morning, school administrator said this is simply unacceptable and later today, they will be sending out a letter at the school here in
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santa rosa letting them know what happened here. a mother came on to campus during lunchtime and told that boy to stop bullying her daughter. school administrators called 911 and over the weekend they arrest arrested that mother on chill any child abuse. is they say there is no excuse for this type of behavior and he has been released and i have reached out to the superintendent looking for a comment regardless of what happened here on friday and we will let you know what happened, ktvu channel 2 morning news alex savage. a man dies after falling from a steep rock at the uc
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berkeley campus and it is not the first time it happened. joining us live, it is the exact same spot a boy died, brian? >> reporter: there is a rock hikers have been drawn to because of its spectacular views but in less than two years two people have fallen off that rock. it appears he parked his car hiked down alone and then slipped. sidney was hiking that mid- afternoon when she found him. >> i am familiar with the rock here so i took the trail up the rock and i noticed a body lying in the bushes and was not
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responsive. >> he doesn't look like he has been there very long, no decomposition so... >> in november, he plunged from the same rock and died. although they have not released his identity, they have not ruled him out. we wills to -- we will toss it back to you. a man is accused of robbing and shooting two hikers on a california hiking trail. it happened on the iron canyon trail. a massachusetts man died there at the scene and his 76-year- old friend is still in stable
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condition. detectives want anybody between that time to call. and 59-year-old michael garcia was arrested saturday after police caught him in the middle of an assault. it happened near the home deem poe. police saw him working there and people who knew him believe he targeted the woman. >> the guy said here come with me and you can take a shower at my hotel and she was vulnerable and he grabbed her over at the bushes and he drug her in and tried raping her. >> they were notified about the woman's screams and when they arrived they caught him in the act. he is set to appear in court on wednesday. a man was stabbed and a
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woman was knocked unconscious outside of a santa rosa nightclub. they were leaving as about troy michael moore, they couldn't if fronting him and he is in jail on 8 $5,000 bail. a new case of the mrsa virus. now mrsa is a potentially dangerous disease that originated in the middle east. three cases have been confirmed and the latest case is in illinois. what makes doctors so concerned is the fact that it was passed on by simply that i canning hands.
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>> maybe the third case that was traps mitted had business transactions with this individual. >> doctors say the two men met twice for a business deal and hospitals are being warned to prepare for them. your time right now 6:09, it enters a new phase today. a massive excavation to build the bart trench, north of the road, traffic on the street between lundy avenues and it will be stopped every two minutes while trucks hall away soil and that will happen between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. monday through friday and that work will continue. the bart extension is due to open sometime between 2017. it was implemented and in
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20 minutes, higher tolls on the bay bridge during the morning rush hour. the news at ground zero, the gifts upset some of the family members. members of the victims. and things are beginning to get busy on the commute and we will let you know where. some temperatures are rising towards the peninsular and there are lower 50s and cooler highs, i will show them to you coming up.
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. welcome back 6:15, tips are flowing in, and exposing designing affairs. they say 11 hospitals kept secret lists to veterans seeking medical care and president barack obama is madder than hell about all of this. >> he will continue to demand that he and all of us who work for him continue to fix this until they are functioning the
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way they should so that they get the services and benefits they have earned. >> now this allege the scandal has led for the va secretary to resign but showed no signs of doing that yet. it was later revealed he would retire later this year but had been nominated for a replacement. and some of the gifts are upsetting them. from the family terrorists attacks. some include clothing hats and coffee mugs. >> i think it is taxi and it's an insult to the people and a national disgrace. >> a spokesperson for the
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memorial said they chose the items as respectfully as possible. it opens wednesday. they featured anew warning and it's about pet treats in have sick ended or killed several dogs. it is about jerky treats all made in china fda has not been able to identified the ting cats and humans to have become sick and died. they are calling on them to ban treats from china. and the upcoming thing, if you have changed those that appear on the november ballot,
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such as secretary of state as well as u.s. congressional states and u.s. senate seats as well. you will also see leland yee, he is listed as a candidate for secretary of state even though he dropped out after he was charged in a federal corruption case. that was after the filing deadline and it was too late to remove him from the ballot. they have a new winner and he claimed he was not finished put he dominated in states two in folsom half the year and state started on the -- started on top of mt. diablo.
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and many phras phrases and names have been added to the webster dictionary. >> all right, we are learning stuff pam. hey, sal, are you taking care of the folks on the east shore now? >> you bet you . did you see evelyn's self if i? >> yes. >> hey, you know you can send a self if i on facebook and twitter. almost anything you want, on the carquinez 20 minute drive time and it's a little bit more than when we first
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checked. standard drive time there are more on the road but still not all that pad. 580, some slow traffic getting into 580 livermore more haven'tly. thanks you sal, we were under mostly cloudy skies driving right towards us and it is going to hang out until wednesday and for us it has already everybody crease -- increased clouds and 76 napa and 72 today and 72 in concord and sans hose and palo alto -- san jose and palo alto, the low is producing light rain and a
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possible act the lows are on their way and i think shaster. fire danger goes up for us on and we can see some of that very light rain and we have a couple of observers who say we have rain up here. low-to-mid and the breeze has picked up for some. 26-mile-per-hour for some, livermore even 8 and it is going to be a breezy to downright windy day and the lows are not going anywhere. most of this will be up towards the sierra and we can see some heavy rain. ukiah, sacramento and monterey, the low will keep us really cool over the next couple of
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hours of rain which can help and they say the low will and the low having some of that wrap back around. 70s and 60s back on the temperatures and as you know 90s and 100s and they will be struggling and clearing out on wednesday and gradual warmup as temperatures rebound from below normal temperatures from earlier this week. they are ready to make a major agent decision. -- acquisition. and twitch is essentially you tube for live gaming and in
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light of the play station 4 and it could be announced within the next few hours. >> just ahead, raising ticket prices ahead of the theme park starting today one day at disney land, $96 and the price for a one day park hopper ticket and it gets you into the parks $150 and it's also phasing out one of its annual passes only to the annual passes and all of the others will be available. beta breakers, this may top all of them. in 15 minutes this may top it, a naked man at golden gate park. the drastic action she is looking to take in the wake of
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the ferry disaster. map map.
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she said rescue operations were a complete failure and she bears the ultimate responsibility. she also proposed building a monument to the buildings.
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286 buildings have been found and 18 are still missing. later this week, a chinese survey ship will help that missing malaysia jet and crews will map the indian ocean floor. authorities believe the 239 passengers and crew disappeared and went far of course in the upian ocean. -- indian ocean. she is now getting to take her activism online. and she is now working at places such as wal-mart. now they are spending places learning to create apps. it is a place called code in progress and racial minorities to help lead others on the
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digital highway. >> and these teach the skills and we go and learn their skills and so we are always busy, we eat and sleep coding. >> they are several chosen for the school and they helps others to easily find out what is legal in their workplace. michael jackson died almost five years ago but the king of pop still rules the stage. >> did you see this? last night's billboard awards featured a hollow hologram. he recreated his dance moves which put them over his image.
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did you know he died a couple of weeks before he was scheduled to begin a new tour. the battle goes on to contain several fires and it has already destroyed homes over the weekend. and we are live in the south bay where firefighters are on high alert and we will tell you about the new threat we face this week. good morning, traffic is moving a long relatively well if you are driving along on some bridges and we will tell you about that and also the traffic delays. you might want to grab a jacket, we have some cool temperatures low 50s and upper 40s and we will have some showers, we will talk about that coming up.
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. she led to a confrontation that has a school up -- has a school upset. if you are just joining us good morning, steve is talking about the weather. temperatures will be on the cool side increasing high clouds and inland will be on the cool side low 70s all the way through wednesday. a lot of that cloud cover and we are keeping an eye on that shower developing off the north coast and for us it is not until later and tuesday looks
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better. 50s on the temperatures and gusts up to 50-mile-per-hour and gusting to 26. it's going to be a breezy day and the usual suspects and lows are here on its way over here to northern california and shaster especially up in tahoe and maybe higher elevations. mostly clear and cool, 70s on the temperatures and even 60s and they will stay here, it is sal? we have a lot of traffic coming in and in fact let me go to the east shore so we can get it up on the screen here. east shore traffic is going to be slow this morning as you drive through from the carquinez bridge from the mcarthur maze and for some reason, in the last few minutes it has gotten heavy and it has been spiking now and give yourself some extra time.
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let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and bay bridges are very slow, i am working on the bridge and there is an accident reported but there isn't, however there are high winds and that could be slowing things down and it's one of those mondays. take a look at westbound 4. does somebody have a case of the mondays. 680 that looks good, no major problems, let's go back to the desk. a santa rosa mother is facing child abuse charges after she went to a school and grabbed a 12-year-old boy by the throat. they are live to tell us what she said led to this attack, good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, they will send a letter bookletting parents know what happened on
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friday. they say this mother came on to campus during lunchtime on friday and grabbed a 12-year- old boy to stop -- told him to stop bullying her daughter. over the weekend they arrested this woman on suspicion of felony child abuse. when she came with to the school she asked her son, also a student to point out the boy who was bullying her daughter and that led to the confrontation. then we have yet to hear back and i will let you know ones we do. this mother is accused of attacking a student and is scheduled to appear in court later this week. now on mornings on 2. we will tell you what they are saying about these bullying claims
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that sparked this confrontation near santa rosa. they spotted jason adams truck in reno nevada and when they went up to the truck he appeared to be in good health. adam's family reported him missing but no word on why he had not contacted his family. at first it was the heat and they are on stand by for a new threat. janine de la vega is joining us live for more on what firefighters are getting ready for, good morning, janine. we are here in a spot and it is always a threat in allan rock and they have to monitor for lightning and it is known to cause fires. they know there is the let of
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fires and they are preparing and they know strikes can be unpredictable and they said they have seen where it happened before. more than 1,000 lightning strikes an hour have hit northern california and strikes have been helping to battle fire and they could be busy again with this weather pattern. we are waiting for it to thoroughly dry out because of the upper heat and we will be experiencing burning conditions just like what we had in san diego. >> reporter: firefighters with more than a dozen and the combination of the dry drought and high winds contributed to that. they have cleared debris away from their homes and cleared the pine needles to prevent a fire from sparking up. janine de la vega, ktvu channel
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2 morning news. all right, jeanine. dozens of bay area firefighters are back home helping to fight those fires in southern california. you have been lifted in southern california and including 3 of them in camp penalty on it. about 40 -- pendleton. about 40 and cooler weather have helped firefighters get the upper hands avenue the weekends and found their homes were are dued -- reduced. so far losses are associated at more than $20 million and people are saying some of the things they lost are impossible to replace. >> to see this all burned down
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is a bit of a shock. >> now people from communities around san diego are pitching in to help the victims, donating food clothing and money and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. paying more is not stopping commuters during the morning commute hours. brian flores joins us with the new numbers released, right, ryan? >> they said there was to be less traffic. they published in today's chronicles, the number of peek commuters has grown to 9,000 cars per hour but they were trying to encourage them to go across before or after the peak commute but apparently these new numbers show quite the
6:38 am
opposite. the chronicle shows april and may it shows more than 1 17,000 cars have crossed the bay bridge and that's the number before congested pricing went into effect four years ago. officials say a possible reason for the increase for the cars may have something to do with a better economist and him people don't have the luxury to get to work before these times. people say if you do that you will not get ticketed and fence and against it they will let them know, brian flores ktvu channel 2 morning news. highway patrol officers
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will be cracking down on drivers who are not wearing seat belts. they will have their main focus on memorial day weekend and the minimum fine is $142. the fine for not properly buckling a child under the able of 16 can be up to $445. the streets of san francisco are back to normal this morning after the beta breaker's run. tens of thousandss are running this race or are of a giant party. the start of the run was delayed for about 20 minutes but they did get going and afterwards crews are busy picking up trash and they were not the only ones picking up trash or having it tough at
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work. >> and police tell us one of the more unusual arrests happened at golden gate park. a man was area rested at the bison. 30 others were arrested at the beta breakers mostly for public intoxication. and we have photos from the beta -- beta breakers and if you want more information go to our website you can find it under the information tag. they are getting closer to the grand opening. and at the mcarthur maze traffic is slow and earlier we had a broken down car on the bridge but it really has caused delays and we will tell you how long we can expect to wait here. a lot of cloud cover over us, it will be an interesting couple of days and temperatures
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. it took a gruesome turn and tara moriarty joins us from the
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berkeley hills above the campus where the discovery was made, tara? >> off of the grizzly peak, they have come here where it is quite scenic but it proved deadly and his body was taken by an "a" tv where he apparently plummeted from. he appeared on grisly peak yesterday afternoon and hiked down where people sometimes take pictures where they paint graffiti and it is a sheer 100- foot drop and it appears he lost his footing and fell to the bottom. he spotted him and his identity has not been released. about a year and a half ago, jonathan fell from the same rock while hiking with friends and family. >> we saw the person come to the rock and fall off the rock.
6:45 am
we have to treat this like a crime scene. >> people who enjoyed the view come from all over to soak up the east bay but the edge can be deceptively steep and people done realize how steep it is and one wrong move can send them over the edge. now berkeley police do not have any updates and we are hoping to get more information. live in berkeley, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a young oakland girl is still in critical condition after being hit by a stray bullet in a driveby shooting. they were driving near flora street when it suddenly stopped. two men got out and started shooting but one bullet hit the girl in the next when she was playing outside. reportedly yesterday was the
6:46 am
girl's 9th birthday. the man is shot in the leg and is respected to recover. despite violent crimes like that, violence is actually down in the city. homicides are down 18% and robberies are down 30%. while police and city leaders are coming, more police and surveillance systems are all helping. it is time to check in with torii campbell. hello torii. coming up in mornings on 2, after years of investigation, u.s. is set to file serious charges against some government officials in china and what they they are accused of doing, an unfair raining in u.s. businesses and new questions of a very small one district in
6:47 am
san jose, they are so upset with the package that she received. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2 and now back to you on the morning news. very interesting, torii. sal, everybody behaving at the toll plaza? i just picked up the question on twitter. people think the commute at the toll plaza has become worse and i agree with them. there was a stalled vehicle early this morning but it just has been worse, it is not just one day, it's not weeks and weeks and we cans it if you will. it is up around -- weeks and weeks if you will, and unless you are using the carpool lane which really good. and on north 880, it looks good around the coliseum and
6:48 am
westbound is looking slow out of the bay point area from the venetia bridge, and it is a cloudy monday morning. it is advanced from a low which is dropping down and it is slow for this time of year. we are not expecting too much in the way of rain but it is possible. thunderstorm activity and i think tomorrow is a better opportunity. clouds and cooler, isolated showers, fire danger increases and this will be really good rain producer for the sierra nevada and shafter in lake county and watch what happens, things are developing over the sierra and the wraparound.
6:49 am
temperatures stay on the cool side and they are all cooler than sunday's temperatures and they are not going anywhere any time soon. a lot of cloud cover and you can see it over us now and some light rain beginning to develop and it looks like near eureka, it is a sign of things to come over the next 48 hours. 50s on the temperatures and the breeze is good but it is going to be a breezy blustery day. in concord, and fairfield, blustery almost 50-mile-per- hour and it will be dropping in and it will be slow to eject out. ukiah and this will be even cooler and it will take attract right near us but it is a possibility of isolated showers and it will light up over the
6:50 am
sierra nevada. mostly cloudy and cooler isolated showers to the north possibly later on and i think a better chance to go later on these are all below average, all a mix of sun and mostly cloudy skies, cooler clear brice i and then -- breeze city and we start to rebound -- breezy and we start to rebound with warmer temperatures. at&t announced a $7 billion deal to buy direct tv and they approved the merger and both stocks are down on the news and they need approval as they are expected to take the imposed merger leading to higher prices
6:51 am
and toed still la, that is just behind the opening for captain america, winter soldier and last month, godzilla pushed them into second place and amazing spiderman 2 and the other women round out the top 5. all right, dropping out, they are very serious charges allegations of fraud in alameda county. also next, a former student accused of calling in a bomb threat at a college graduation, the big secret she was trying to hide which prompted her to do it.
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. there is a ruling on on oregon's ban on same-sex marriages and they will issue marriage licenses if the judge says it's legal. somebody set off two explosions inside. it happened during a midnight showing of godzilla and the person used two let it bo --
6:55 am
liter bottles. nobody was hurt and so far no arrests were made. a 22-year-old woman was arrested after trying to cancel a college grade situation by -- graduation by calling in a bomb threat. she did it so her parents would not find out she had not been attending classes. the bomb threat forced students and family members to evacuate just moments before the ceremony was set to start. the ceremony went on as planned and panicked when her parents did not see her name listed on the plan. they are calling the move ashame full public relations stunt. the school calls it a private personnel matter but one ra is telling the mercury news they
6:56 am
believe he was fired to steer away from a hate crime. the ras were accused of not noticing what was going on and they were fired so that the school can show people they are taking action. they will be headed to the water and rescue crews want to make sure you and your families stay safe. and they are just ahead of the memorial day weekend but we don't realize the dangers and how important it is to wear a life jacket. >> if you are planning on spending time around the water especially small children, please, please wear your life jackets. just weeks ago, it happened and they fear the number of
6:57 am
drownings will pileup. it has gone viral in san diego county. he took a picture of himself letting his family know he was okay. within a matter of hours, that photo went viral and people posted their thanks for what he and the other firefighters did to help save those homes. they have been named one of the most walkable and san francisco ranks number 5 in the number of people who walk to work and it's listed on a number of factors, climate and infrastructure. the other top structures are new york, pittsburgh, washington d.c. and boston. and they are now testing a new seating configuration. doublewide seats were replaced giving more floor space for
6:58 am
standing passengers. muni says byee placing table wide, it will help with cars and more tapes could be reconfigured based on the feedback they get. a santa rosa mother arrested accused of grabbing a student by the throat, the reason she did it. higher tolls are not deterring drivers and they have a plan to reduce traffic during the peak commute hours. stay right here with us. moments of certainty.
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>> reporter: a vore mother facing -- a santa rosa mother facing child abuse charges after she came onto an elementary school campus and attacked a child. a man is found dead at a scenic spot above the uc berkeley campus. the mistake investigators think he made that may have cost him hi


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